1986/1999 - 2

Gamest remains, for lack of a better word, the best game magazine of all time. From May 1986 to September 1999 they provided all the latest arcade news, high scores and 'Capture' gameplay guides, gaining themselves a reputation of quality and style that survives to this very day.
In a time when the world's mainstream press were droning on about mediocre home computer conversions, Gamest were focusing on advanced gameplay strategies, and how to create your own arcade setup at home.
Bonus 'Gamest Extra' issues started appearing May 1990, dedicated to a single game or subject. The format would serve as a template for the now iconic Gamest Mook series, hands down the best guide books of the period.
Again, you can only lament how childish and superficial Western magazines were in comparison. The contents of a single issue of Gamest is more relevant today than a year's worth of EGM or C&VG... And let's not mention all the merchandise, Gamest Video tapes and Gamest Comics.
The Gamest brand reached its peak during the boom of 1996-1997, but by the time the arcade slump came in 1999, publisher Shinseisha had expanded way too quickly, and it was too late to pull back. Despite a flurry of lackluster attempts to diversify, by issue #274 (Sep 1999) Gamest was defunct.
Enterbrain's magazine Arcadia took over in all but name in June 2000, but something was forever lost in the transition... The Gamest legacy lives on, forever synonymous with the true golden era of arcade gaming.